Pässilä Bicycles Mukka Pump Track-pyörä

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Pässilä Bicycles Mukka Pump Track -pyörä

Pump Träkit on mitä hauskin tapa viettää aikaa joten Pässilä Bicycles kehitti upean pyörän juuri sitä silmällä pitäen.
Runkokokoja on kaksi, small ja large. Small-koko on kehitetty junioreita silmällä pitäen kun taas large-koko käy aikuisille loistavasti!
Pump tracks are an awesome way to spend time or goof around, to have fun with your friends and kids and to improve your riding technique and fitness. We love pump tracks and we are fortunate to have two great tracks just nearby.

That is why we wanted to develop a pump track bike that is fun to ride and jump, can withstand the stress and strain but does not break your wallet. And yes, Mukka is just fine for jibbing in the street also.

Mukka bikes have a 4130 chromoly frame and fork to keep the party going, our chosen non branded components to keep the costs down, our smart geometry for the Pässilä ride feel and the fun colour to keep everyones smiles shining.

Mukka comes in two sizes, Small and Large. Size Small was designed for juniors or those who need or are accustomed to the shorter reach and lower stack. Large was designed for people like us, coming from the mountain biking background to the pump tracks. We wanted the size Large to have a bit more room and height in the cockpit. For convenience, Mukka has a full 780 mm handlebar for you to cut to the preferred length and enough spacers under the stem to tune the handlebar height.

Mukka is available as a complete bike only. They are in stock and will ship immediately or as soon as we can assemble new ones.